RENEWAL is designed to offer hope and comfort to people suffering from mental health disorders or addiction disorders, and support to the people who love them. Our approach is based on respect for the dignity of the people we serve and the belief that through a faith-based program, life-changing results are possible.

RENEWAL: Christian Treatment and Recovery is an optional treatment supplement available through Brookhaven Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At Brookhaven, we understand that when you are suffering from an eating disorder, a personality disorder, a behavioral health disorder or chemical dependency, life can seem utterly hopeless. It can cause Christians to feel abandoned and distant from God. However, by strengthening your spirituality, in conjunction with our professional medical services, you can experience results that you never thought were possible.

RENEWAL is based on the belief in:

God who created us and loves us (Genesis 1:26)
Jesus Christ who redeems us (Isaiah 53:5)
The Holy Spirit who guides us (Acts 1:8)

When you participate in RENEWAL, you’re part of something much bigger than yourself. Brookhaven clients receive expert care from our team of mental professionals. Treatment is solution-focused and success-oriented. Our goal is to minimize symptoms, help individuals address life problems and live fulfilling lives. Sometimes healing requires a helping hand. We’re here to provide the guidance and support you need to recover.

Christian Care
The RENEWAL program at Brookhaven Hospital incorporates your faith into the recovery process in order to address your physical, mental and spiritual needs

Christian Drug Rehab
Our program provides a nurturing atmosphere that allows you to sober up and strengthen your bond with God.

Christian Bulimia Treatment
Individuals with bulimia alternate between compulsive binge eating and purging. Without treatment bulimia can be deadly. Brookhaven’s RENEWAL program can offer medical, psychological and faith-based eating disorder treatments.

PTSD Treatment
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) occurs after a traumatic event. Without getting proper help it can be debilitating. Strengthening your faith can help you confront the past and form a brighter future.

Christian Healing
When you are part of the RENEWAL program, you are part of something bigger than yourself. You are part of a support system based on professional medical care as well as spiritual guidance.

Compulsive Overeating
When you suffer from compulsive overeating disorder, your meals and your life can seem out of control. Take a faith-based approach to your eating disorder treatment at RENEWAL.

Anorexia Treatment
Anorexia is characterized by the restriction of food intake and the refusal to maintain a healthy body weight. Without getting help, anorexia can be life-threatening.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment
Everyone experiences ups and downs, but when you’re suffering from bipolar disorder life can seem out of control. Brookhaven’s RENEWAL program incorporates your spirituality into an advanced behavioral health program.

OCD Treatment
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can fill your life with uncontrollable thoughts (obsessions) and rituals (compulsions) and stand in the way of relationships and your career.

Near-Death Experiences – Fact or Fiction?


Have you ever heard of a near-death experience (NDE) where a person saw hell? No? Me either. Colin Blakemore from the Canberra Times in Australia uses that exact question to attempt to destabilize the validity of Dr. Eben Alexander’s recent book, Proof of Heaven, which I wrote about recently.

Nearly all NDEs describe seemingly spiritual images, full of bright lights, beautiful landscapes, and often celestial sounding music. There are reports of some NDEs which don’t go as well. Maurice Rawlings Jr., MD, from Chattanooga, Tennessee describes NDEs where patients heard booming noises, flames, and other hellish sights. These stories are still by far in the minority, however.

Indeed, Colin Blakemore is not the first to question reports of heavenly near-death experiences. Scientists have time-and-again tried to discredit the sights people report from NDEs as chemical changes in the body during the events, and other biophysical reactions to the amazing stress your body undergoes in an NDE.

This is what made Dr. Alexander’s story so special. His medical training ensures his knowledge of these theories surrounding near-death experiences, and he considered himself a Christian, though skeptical about the afterlife until his coma. The biophysical theories surrounding NDEs also don’t explain the amazing consistencies of the stories.

Instead, researchers, like Peter Fenwick, consultant at the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College, London, cite the deep issues of interpreting first-person memories that were made when the brain was seemingly non-working.

The same problems with understanding visions such as Dr. Alexander’s are associated with understanding dreams, as well as memory in general. Memory is extraordinarily fallible, and can be molded by the pre-existing ideas of the person.

Maybe then, if Dr. Eben Alexander were another religion he would have seen images reflecting another religious tradition. It is impossible to know, but it is interesting to note that his visions from his comatose experience were not overtly Christian. There was no Jesus in his vision, nor traditional pearly gates.

His experience was that of something so serene and astoundingly fantastic it reaffirmed his belief in an afterlife, and thus reaffirmed his Christian beliefs.

All we have is his word to go on, but if Dr. Alexander’s memories from the period when his brain showed no activity are “correct,” he certainly had a special experience.


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